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What we believe in
Matching volunteers to your needs.

Who we are

Vojo, a volunteering match service, connects brilliant high school students with compatible nonprofit organizations. While allowing students to obtain valuable real-world experience early on, Vojo simultaneously fulfills the ever-growing demand for eager volunteers.

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hOw it works

What we do

Once a student fills out a short form, Vojo immediately compares their responses with a database of nonprofit agencies to find the best pairing. Individualized skill assessments and AI-based recommendations ensure satisfaction from both parties in every match.

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We’re an organization dedicated to helping high school students like you succeed in every field.

Vojo offers two pathways: one for students and schools, one for companies. Through a personalized matching system, we pair students like you with nonprofits in your desired field(s) of study. It's simple — all you need to do is describe your needs and interests in a quick form. We strive to match every submission with a preliminary company within two business days.

What we are best at

Students: Steps to Your Perfect Match!

Find your passion
Think about your favorite hobbies, classes, and extracurriculars, and write down the ones you excel at.
Fill out the form
We ask for your current grade and school your attend to ensure validity. In the form, you have a chance to explain your preferences.
We match you!
Every submission is screened through a personalized system. Based on the number of volunteer hours desired and your passions, we find a match. We also create a unique user profile for you to track your volunteering hours.
Helping schools succeed

Schools: Steps to Register

Find the numbers
Figure out how many students are willing to sign up for Vojo, as pricing for unique matches and profiles differs.
Fill out the form
We ask for basic information about your school just to validate your location. Afterward, the process is streamlined.
We follow up!
A representative from Vojo will reach out right after you submit the form, and we will set your students up for success. Once your school is registered, each student is given access to their unique user profile and our matching system.
Company Signups
Looking for dedicated volunteers? Vojo can match gifted students to you.

Once students fill out a quick preference form, our individualized matching system automatically finds the best fit for your organization's goals. Simply fill out the form in our header to sign up.

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